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In this online shop we offer our articles exclusively to reseller clients with special prices for their resell and distribution.

To see the prices of the articles in our web the client must be registered in our system and have a password to log in.

We offer additional information in most of our articles that will help you choose your purchases.


Our contact telephone number:

+34 957 655 371

Our mobile phone numbers for Whatsapp:

+34 667 425 668

+34 607 957 957

Our emails:


Our goal is getting a satisfied client, we are sure that we provide something new each day to achieve it, guaranteeing our continuity.



Packaging programme


We have a series of standard packages for the delivery of all our products.

We make a big effort on reducing the costs of our packages so that the final product price does not increase in the slightest and is the most competitive possible.

Our packages are made with lots of care, with our experience of more than 30 years working with glass we know how to place and pack it so that during the manipulation and delivery it takes the least damage possible. We can assure a high percentage of the products and glass being delivered in perfect conditions.

We are proud to know that our company has a very small rate of accidents in the delivery of our goods. Still, we cannot guarantee the 100% success in all of them.

Our warehouse personnel prepare and packs our orders with the same care as if they were for them, because what we do not want for us, we do not want for our clients.

We are the first interested ones in the goods and glass arriving to the client in perfect conditions.


Next, we will show you our full packages programme with measures and capacities:



Order return at client’s expense policy


The client has the right to return the order in the following 14 days after the delivery and we will return the price of the article or articles returned, as long as the following conditions and requirements are met:

  • The returned articles must be unused and in its original packaging.
  • The client is responsible for the goods, packaging, delivery costs and customs taxes with their delivery company to our warehouse.
  • The articles must arrive in perfect conditions for their following sale.
  • The payment will be made once the returned goods are checked.
  • If the articles do not arrive in perfect conditions, we could make a partial payment for the total amount or would not be accepted.


Procedure when the goods are delivered:


  • Always check the package to see if it has any dent or it is broken.
  • Even if it has not evident damage, always note on the delivery note “goods pending revision,” checking it in the following 24 hours to make the corresponding claim.
  • In case the goods have any break, please contact Pepe Ríos S.L. in the following 24 hours from the delivery moment, calling +34 957 655 371 - +34 667 425 668 or sending an email to If this period of time expires, you will not have any right to place a claim.
  • Take photos of the broken goods, as well as of the package, if this presented any damage, and send an email to, making a list of the references that have the damages.


Holidays, free days and working schedule


Next, we will detail our free days in which we will close our company:



January 1st and 7th, February 28th, April 18th and 19th, May 1st, July 15th, August 15th, September 5th, October 12th, November 1st, December 6th, 9th and 25th.

Monday to Friday Schedule: 9:00 – 15:00 

Closed for 2021 holidays: from August 17th to 30th.