Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place my order?


-       Online:

You can place your order in our website 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It is very important that you select the Spanish or English language, because you will receive the answer to your order in the same language that you selected.

-       By email:

These are the details to contact via email:

-       By telephone:

These are the details to contact via telephone:


+34 957 655 371


-       By Whatsapp

+34 667 425 668

+34 607 957 957


How much will the delivery of my order cost?

The delivery costs vary depending on the order. They depend on three factors: weight, volume and delivery destination. As these factors are very variable, the delivery costs will be detailed in the proforma invoice we will send you by email.


How can I pay my order?

By advance transfer, once the order is confirmed, we will send you a proforma invoice with our IBAN number, to which you have to transfer the full amount for the invoice. Once you have made the payment, you can send us the transfer receipt to speed up the delivery.


Which delivery company does my order ship with?

We will choose the most suitable delivery company depending on the type of goods, the volume of the package and the destination.


How can I track my order?

When the delivery company picks up the goods from our warehouse a tracking number will be sent to you.

Is my order insured in case of breaking or loss?

Your order is insured for its total amount, so in case of break or loss you do not have to worry because it will be replaced or the amount returned.


What do I have to do when the driver delivers my order?

You must check, before the driver leaves, that the package is in perfect order. If you see any dent in the package, or it sounds like it is broken when you move it, note it down in the receipt that the driver will give you to sign. If you see any incident when you open the package (wear, break or loss) contact us via this email: in the next 24 hours from the package reception, so we can place a claim to the delivery company.

We could need a reported damage proof, so please save the broken goods and the original package.


Can I send my delivery company to pick up my order?

Yes, as long as you consider it necessary for any reason you can pick up your goods with your delivery company.